Bullied Girl Ends up in Jail


Bullied girl ends up in jailGirls at ‘Jane’s’ local high school terrorized her.  It started as name calling and spitting, and then progressed to cyberbullying through MSN Messenger.

Anxious, overwhelmed and depressed, Jane sought help through Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket (ON).  Here, she told a counselor about the bullying incidents and also shared her desire to “kill” the bullies, along with a “plan” for getting back at the main bully. The main plan involved Jane slicing the mouth of the main bully like the rag-doll character in Tim Burton’s animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

The crisis counselor then called the police on Jane, worried about the severity of the threat.  Jane was jailed, released two weeks later under strict conditions, and was eventually acquitted.

Jane, now 17, launched a lawsuit of over $4 million against the Heath Centre, councilor and York Regional Police.  She called the incident “just a fantasy” that eventually “spiraled out of control.” But according to Bernard Dickens, a University of Toronto specialist on medical law, a patient’s relationship of confidentiality with a professional is nullified if they disclose the intent to do harm or cause future injury.

Allegations have also arisen that question the counselor’s level of coercement in Jane’s plan to “kill” the bullies; for asking about it on a regular basis so much that it could be construed as encouragement.

The heart of the issue lies  in where the patient’s expectation of confidentiality starts and ends, as well as the responsibility of health workers to report violent threats to police.

If you, or you know of of someone who is being bullied or cyberbullied, you can report it anonymously by contracting your local police branch, on www.Cybertip.ca or contact www.KidsHelpPhone.ca to talk to someone about it.

Source: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/651305

  • Amar Wallace

    I think the counselor was doing what she thought was safest in the end and it was in her responsibility to report the girl. I just wonder how detailed the girl’s ‘plan” was in order to assess if she was going to actualize her detailed fantasy. I can imagine the psychological damage and trust issues the poor girl has.

  • Bystander

    So this girl endures months (maybe years) of harassment and degradation at the hands of a bunch of maladjusted human waste, then tells a counselor about how much rage she has inside of her (read that as : “Does the right thing.”) and she’s treated as a criminal.

    Maybe it’s time for the system to get it’s nose out of the psychology text book and try using some common sense.

  • Tyler

    She got what she deserved.

  • Jennifer.

    don you mean emotional trauma and neglect? i agree with that, and it wasn’t a direct threat…it was someone venting…isn’t that what you do with a cousiler i dont think someone is qualifyed for cousling position if this is a true stories…and that girl will need yrs of pyschological help because of this…way to go, now she will have trust issues forever.

  • michael

    awsome i can commit and it gets deleted…what a great forum

  • michael

    what a amazing school system, trust us we will put in jail…she did not make a direct threat to the girl she was venting to a school cousler, isnt that was u do with a school couslier? people always take things out of context. what happened to freedom of speech, didnt know you could be locked up under false charges of a threat seeing that it was not a direct threat, and the bully sounds like a stalker…

  • Shojingod

    The simple truth is if you want to stop high school violence, shooting, stabbing it starts at home with parents and how they talk about and treat the people around them and at work. Simple asshole parent bring up asshole kids which is the real cause of all these situations. If their kids where not little jerk and jerkettes you would not have alienated kid that are pushed to the brink and go ape shit. You fuck with a dog once, twice sooner or later your going to get bitten. Some people need a good swift kick in the ass to put them back in line if the parent fail a giving them the proper respect for there fellow man or woman.

  • Jose P.

    Let’s just say she went “ape sh*t” and carried out her slicing fantasy. It would be on the counselor’s conscience and she’d be liable.

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  • therese walker

    In my personal experience in Ontario I would have to say that whatever you say to a counsellor is neither privileged communication nor confidential. Private therapists may be better in that they may understand people sometimes vent things they actually would vomit at if they tried to attempt. Basically – taqlk to friends and family if trustworthy and write in journals. Without prejudice is a useful phrase to have on each page. The counselor betrayed her client and showed her lack of merit in helping people. The counselor is simply crappy. I have experienced this too. I NEVER understood why counselors constantly stressed their years of experience and credentials and adherence to confidentiality. Then I foolishly accepted a newbie. Childrens Aid ended up in my dining room. I was NOT impressed. So far I have warned many many people about seeking help unwisely. Too Much Information is NOT what a counselor needs , but of course failing to sharre means you cannot get help emotionally… However suffering alone is far far better than jail, or whatever could have happened to me if I had not been really lucky.
    Keep secrets from official and officious persons. Even if it hurts.

  • mary jones

    Jane was let down by system She was extreamly provoked but nobody listened to her cry of help was she a villain no was she always in trouble no And where are the bullies free to pick another victom the law stinks JANE needs to be free she must have been at her wits end to try to stop the bullying she thought her way would do it the mentel abuse to her must have been horrific no she should be with her family

  • Shawna

    Hard to believe that those in authority let the bullying and harassment get to such an overwhelming level! Was there no competent adult in this girl’s life anywhere that could either deal effectively with the tormentors or remove her from the situation altogether?

    Children do not naturally have the tools to cope with this kind of mental/emotional erosion and the fact that equipping the child was seemingly not the counsellor’s primary objectives is very telling! The child’s parents and other school staff also need to provide answers as to why this was not stopped one way or another…they have many tools at their disposal, both in regards to the perpetrators and the victim…but it all starts with good communication, and there couldn’t have been much of that going on!

    My son had a brief experience with elementary school bullies and calls were made to the principal, teacher, and perp’s parents within a few days. The children were forced to discuss, in the presence of a counsellor, parents and each other how the bullying would be resolved so we were all on the same page…and that was it. It was over, and within weeks they were actually friends. Not that complicated if the lines are drawn and the consequences made very clear!

    How something goes this wrong should be made the stuff of counselling textbooks; “how not to completely drop the ball and ruin people’s lives in the process”!

    I also pitty the young bullies! They now have a wonderful experience in their arsenals which has taught them that they can undermine someone utterly, suffer no real punishment and laugh histarically while their victim suffers on their behalf. Bravo! Perhaps they are preparing for careers within the education system…

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  • Michele

    Many moons ago…a kid who was bullied did not run off to a counselor. Instead the bullied and the bully duked it out on the play ground and then it was over. Today, kids can’t do that because schools and parents are all to anxious to press criminal charges over what used to be a right of passage. In an attempt to cushion the life lessons of growing up, today’s schools and parents have eliminated opportunities for children to learn how to sort out problems on their own and to accept that in life there is a pecking order. That is a lesson better learned on the play ground than at the kid’s first job. Bullies often grow up to be bosses.

  • Nymphius

    Wanting someone dead and having a plan on how to kill them are two very different things. The counselor did exactly what the law dictates and no one should blame her for doing her job.

  • Sinead Dennis

    She should have straight kicked those stupid, immature, insensitive girls is what should have happened.

  • Heather

    Rena Virk… if you haven’t heard of her, then look it up! That is what happens when a child doesn’t speak up, and the reality is that she probably did! I was bullied at that very same school (before that particular incident) and I was told to suck it up and it was only two years surely I could handle it until it wasn’t their problem anymore.

    The peculiar thing is almost 10 years later I ran into one of the girls and she remembered me, she was with one of her friends and she actually pointed to me and said “She is lucky she transferred schools, if my daughter were not with me I would kill her now” Kind of a long time to hold a grudge. All over something as petty as a guy (whom she would have gotten if she were nicer to begin with)

    I believe that they should have a residential school for people who are proven bullies. If any form of physical torment occurs (spitting etc) they would have to attend classes to teach self respect, respect for others, anger management and such, they would fail a grade regardless of academic standing, be denied any scholorships they would otherwise qualify for, and if one more occurence took place they would be off to court and if convicted serve time to the age of 18 as an adult offender. Their main caregiver to pay the tab!

    We can call it, incentive to teach our children right from wrong to begin with. The one thing I agree with, the bullies are let down in some way, mostly by a system that allows them use the system to their advantage.

  • Meg

    She needs to be in jail, if not a mental institution that’s just sick.

  • Edmund

    That is just sad. The fact that she has fantasies about slicing people’s throats and that she went to see a therapist for help shows she did the right thing. Let us suppose the sensible thing (it probably is now, seeing how you are likely to be reported) was to not see a therapist and get no help … Then we get people like that beheader-in-the-bus madman, who never troubled to take his mental problems seriously and get professional help for his schizophrenia.

    Let us suppose she did the “politically correct” thing and went to see the therapist and lied through her teeth and said, “Oh no, I don’t want to slice people’s throats … I am perfectly fine being bullied … I just came to you because I was told to do so …” Then, what is the point of seeing a therapist if you aren’t going to be honest to begin with? Chances are, that is not going to solve the problem … It is only going to delay the inevitable, i.e. when the girl realizes that therapy is no help and nothing else helps, she is going to go berserk and slash a few throats.

    To those who say she is expected to “sort out” her own problems, that is easier said than done. She IS sorting out her problems by going to see a therapist. What people fail to understand is that the therapist she went to see is an incompetent, unprofessional and utterly worthless bloke. A therapist will understand it is completely normal for bullied individuals to have so much rage and violence in them. What a competent therapist should have done is attempt to solve the problem. Only when the therapist fails to make the girl understand that what she is thinking is wholly inappropriate must the “proper” authorities (read: school administrators and parents) be alerted. If the next line of authorities are unable to make any impression upon the girl, then I think it is time to alert the police. What we are seeing is a classic case of laziness, by-the-book thinking and “cover your ass”. The therapist simply does not want to make it his/her responsibility for treating this girl, which is bollocks, seeing how that is his/her profession to begin with.

  • Gary

    I totally agree that the girl was, shamefully wronged. First by the bullies to begin with, then by the system that she sought help from.

    She did NOT get what she deserved. No victim of abuse gets what they deserve if the system ignores their cry of help and throws them in jail.

    Do we think it is alright if a woman who gets Raped and has evil thoughts of her rapist, and then she gets put in jail?

    I agree that the therapist is No therapist at all if they cant understand a venting situation and that it is healthy to vent in verbal terms to someone that is supposed to be there to help you. Did anyone bother to call the police on those that were bullying?

    If i was to bully a child on the net, would not the authorities and even the rest of the world want to lock ME up and throw away the key? or would they rather the child goes to jail for being angry at me for havn bullied them in the first place.

    My God People. those of you who think that the therapist did the right thing, and the lil girl got what she deserved, Grow up! Learn how to recognize where our social problems in this world are starting. And its not always with the parents. Like that therapist, there are plenty of teachers that really dont care or try hard enough.

    I too was a victim of bullies while growing up, and my situation wasnt much different, in that no one would help, they told me it was My fault that im sitting in a chair and a bully belts me from behind when i wasnt even looking or doing anything to the attacker. but who got punished? ME for saying OWE. FFS that is just BS. and ya, i sooo wanted to thrash those bullies on more then one occasion.

    I honestly think its time for the Lord to bring the floods, this world seriously needs to start over. (NO IM NOT THREATENING ANYONE lol)

    To the young girl, You did nothing wrong, and there ARE people out there that will help you. Sadly it may take a long time, and alot of effort to find the REAL helpful people.. but dont give up, you can and will prevail.

    and the real Bullies DO NOT grow up to be bosses. Most the bullies i knew. Died, to their own stupidity, like stealing cars and running from the police and getting into drugs.

    Hold your head high “Jane”, if u can hold onto your own soul and heart, you will be the better person for it.

    Best wishes to you, “Jane”

  • John

    If we jail our children for coming to us and sharing their hurt, my question would be, why would they do so. I want to thank the idiot that put her in jail, for making a bad situation worse. the message that if our children come to talk to us about there problems, we gonna put them in jail, did wonders for earning our children’s trust.
    Do you really expect more, or less, children to talk about bullying now?

  • Ashleigh

    I agree John. We spend all our time trying to teach and make our kids trust in us, so why do something that totally ruins that?

    Yes kids overreact but that’s one of the ways they know how to get our attention and express themselves. Maybe if SOMEONE was actually listening to Jane, things would be very, very different.

  • Aditya Murray

    I think its pretty stupid of the system to do such a thing as to put her in prison not because, I would have wanted to see some stupid bullies’ throats sliced but because they are the actual cause of the whole problem. I know how it feels to be bullied although I am way out of that stage, but the point is, who the heck is to blame for the girls condition?

    Don’t you think she suffered going through such a phase? And even if not that you have just made a few idiotic bullies more free and fearless about their immature act. If that’s the case then it wont be long that their throats do get slit by someone who probably is not so honest so as to tell the councilor about what they feel. Today I feel confident enough because my parents took a firm stand for me when I needed it. And one result of that is that I am a university student hundred times more success full and mature than the bullies I ran across. You can’t just take me for my word, I must have told many people I feel like killing them but then you don’t mean it you probably are just furious, and moreover its become more of an expression.

    What I am trying to emphasize here is the point that more than a debate on whether the girl should be behind bars or not it should be how the bullies should be dealt with so firmly that they don’t even dream about troubling anyone else again.

  • Ben

    Although this story tries to bring compassion towards the girl that was jailed, there was sufficient evidence to arrest her. To say that you want to kill someone might be figurative or relative. If a person is to say “I hate her so much, i want to kill her” or in any other similar matter, does not lead to believe that there is a serious problem that could entice legal involvement. Now what that girl said was “…and also shared her desire to “kill” the bullies, along with a “plan” for getting back at the main bully. The main plan involved Jane slicing the mouth of the main bully like the rag-doll character in Tim Burton’s animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”” is a seriously disturbed criminal content. This required immediate legal involvement and although being jailed for 2 weeks is a little much, she would have deserved to be hospitalized in a psychiatric institute.

    Her case is just a scam for cash. This should be thrown out of court.

  • Amanda

    Many people,including myself, were bullied in high school- that’s no excuse for that kind of behavior. Counsellors and therapists clearly explain that they are legally obligated to break confidentiality if they believe that someone, be it the patient or someone else, is at risk of being hurt. This girl is old enough to take responsibility for her actions and her words. At the age of 17, she knew that violently disfiguring someone was wrong and also knew that it was damned stupid thing to talk about doing to someone. The public is safer with her locked up.

  • scott

    Since the alleged threats were so serious , perhaps we all would have been better served by addressing the bullies directly instead of wasting so many tax payer dollars in what is a suspect situation. A counselor isn’t there to coerce negative thinking, they are there to help, and anger is obvious response to bullying. I wonder if perhaps this counsel was derelict and didnt have their clients best interest at heart.

  • Dave

    The bullies should be charged – NOT THE VICTIM! People have got to get a grip. You DON’T have the right to abuse anyone ( rejection,verbal abuse,physical abuse – of which I DO understand! – I’ve been there…treated like garbage all my life – and it still continues! ). I now question and challenge that abuse at every turn and will never back down – I’m teaching people how you you’re supposed to treat others’, for starters, respect and inclusion are a given and an entitlement, ’nuff said.

  • ywilliams

    I agree with one of the others that it starts at home if you don’t show your child how to act by example. That child would take it out into the world and be disrespectful and rude and violent to others. If this is the kind of behavior they are being shown at home.

  • unknow

    OKay what about a 50 year old women going to a high school and flipping a 15 year old for no reason other then she can’t sand his family burning tires with our grandson in the back set and the local police say there is nothing we ca do. This crazy lady has repeated this on 4 occasions.

  • blum

    The victim is even more victimized at the hands of the counselor whom you’d expect to give help to the already abused and confused girl. She should have been immediately given psychiatric help instead of being taken to jail. All I can say is the counselor was or is incompetent.

  • unknown

    Actually ALL bullies should be treated like the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay were! I don’t need to specify anything beyond this! They are ONE of the scums of the Earth and are the reason why kids shoot up schools, become drug addicts or alcoholics and shit. As someone who’s been in her shoes in the past I certainly won’t judge her as everyone has a breaking point! I do admire people who turned their later success to “&F$* you” message for their tormentors but not everyone can hold it in too long and channel their rage into something else… That is the UGLY TRUTH!

  • http://facebook.com Raymond

    wtf to the max

  • Adalaide

    I too was bullied as a child in middle school. No one there would stop it…the teachers, the counselors…even the principle…until I told my mother what had been happening for half the year. She went to the principle and DEMANDED that something be done. She’s my hero for making the physical and emotional abuse stop. The bullying isn’t what made me stronger. It was my mother standing up for me.

    As a senior in high school, I stood up for a freshmen who had done nothing to be bullied. He was a sweet kid and it pained me to see some sophomore getting verbally abusive. The sophomore tried to threaten me like I was going to be scared of him. I whipped around so fast and told him to grow up before I get the entire Senior class to beat him down after school. Needless to say, that stand of courage shut him up for good. He never bothered that boy again, thank goodness, or I would have had to gather the senior class…of which I only really knew two fellow seniors.

    Bullying will happen. If grown ups won’t help, get people together. Anyone who has been bullied before should form an alliance. If more than two people stand against one bully, the bully will usually back down. Our nation’s motto is “United we stand, divide we fall.” It is the same on the playground.

  • L. Fried

    This is wrong and the girl was right to file a law suit. A counselor should have been helping her with positive ways of coping. This girl did not threaten the person directly causing fear and harm to that person (by the way, the way they were doing to her). She expressed something in therapy, perhaps hoping that the counselor would help her find positive ways of coping with her feelings that were contributing to the thoughts. Feelings, by the way, that were understandable under the circumstances. People who have not endured continual harassment, easily downplay the effects, especially if they have been a part of such behavior in the past. Accusing a person of a crime because of thoughts in their head that were shared, but construed as a threat by an ineffective therapist, is close to a science fiction scale nightmare! This is not what advocacy groups were talking about when they try to get people mental health help sooner. This counselor was taking this action to cover her but. But she wasn’t doing her job to help the student. If she wanted to do some medaling around she should have tried to get some of the bullying to stop and at the very least help the student to cope under the circumstance, but obviously she possessed none of those skills. Betraying the student’s trust by taking action that put her in jail!? There should be a law against minors going to jail in the first place! This has become a country of persecution. That this girl is taking this to court is a good thing because she is taking power over her circumstances in a lawful way and not as was suggested she would do, violently and unlawfully. What this counselor did was re-wound this girl, by betraying her trust and behind her back becoming someone who would put her in a more threatening circumstances than she was already in. This was not someone on her side. If this woman felt this girl needed more serious help with her anger issues she should have referred her to a therapist for more intensive treatment.

  • kara

    I am glad the girl was placed in custody, this time she had to spend away gave her time to realize that hurting someone, or killing them could send her to jail for the rest of her life. On the other hand, who are these girls supposed to have to talk to?

    Now, these feelings could build up in her, and she has no release for this anger, because she is going to be afraid to tell anyone. I am sorry for all of the torment this girl is enduring. I hope that she knows that high school is only 4 years of her life. She will have the rest of her life for all of the wonderful things she is going to do, and for all of the wonderful people she will meet. High school does not define a person. These people are obviously bored with their own lives, because they have nothing better to think about, or do. Talk to them in 10 years when they are working in a gas station for the rest of their lives, and you are making millions:)

  • http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LmZhY2Vib29rLmNvbS9ub3RlLnBocD9ub3RlX2lkPTEzOTY0MjU2NTM4OCZpZD0xMDEzMTYwMTc3JnJlZj1tZiYjMDM1Oy9ub3Rlcy5waHA/aWQ9MTAxMzE2MDE3Nw== JOYCE ELAINE REAVES OSWALD


  • http://aworldquitemad.blogspot.com/ aWorldQuiteMad

    The bullies are the ones that ought to be locked up, as they’re the cause of the problem. This girl needs psychological help, to get over the emotional damage caused by the poor-excuses-for-human-beings that have tormented her.

    Most of humanity are jerks. And if you think this girl deserved to be locked up and that the bullies are innocent, you’re probably a jerk too.

  • http://aworldquitemad.blogspot.com/ aWorldQuiteMad

    @Joyce. You’re wrong. It will end. When you grow up, people don’t treat you like that. If people treated you like that in a work place, they’d be fired. But the little bastards get away with it in school, and for what reason, I have no idea.

    • B956567

      Bulls@#t. I've been treated that way in one college I went to like that so badly I had to switch schools because of it. And when you get a job, the bullies at school become your boss at work, and because of the social hierarchy in place they can get away with anything they want to, provided they're sneaky enough about it.

      Stop trying to shame and guilt people for being angry about and demanding justice for terrible things that happened to them. Stop doing it. That's exactly what you're doing when you try to undermine anyone's pain like that in any meaningful way the way you are by trying to pass it off as temporary. That kind of s#%t is what's making this country fall apart at the lightning-fast rate it is…

  • Lookin_for_love332

    whats wronq with folks? they so childish

  • guest

    as a counsellor one must walk a fine line between understanding and discerning emotional responses and planned responses. the dreamer may dream out details and share them with a counsellor but never ever forsee themselves following through.
    the issues is not thought, but intent. and intent is sometimes hard to discern, and can even unintentionally be misrepresented by our questions to a dreamer

  • guest

    Wow! This counselor seems immensely immature. If he thought that it was necessary to get the police involved, he should have first talked to the student and expressed his intent.

  • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

    Add to that this REWARDS Bullying & Punishes those victimized. Had these been adults The Bullies could be arrested for stalking as well as many other crimes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.r.ellis Kelly Renee Ellis

    I believe that those girls who bullied her should be in jail. It’s always the victims who get in trouble and the criminals get away with everything. When my bully almost got killed in a car accident, I didn’t feel bad for her at all. Even her own mother didn’t get mad at me, because she knew that I was very nice and that her daughter was doing something to me. She protected me better then my own mother ever did. When I received some counseling at a church once, the pastor felt more sorry for my bully then me and would make excuses for her. Furthermore, I can truly understand how some victims can get so mad to want to kill the people who are harming them.

  • Anonymous

    I think that she should have gotten counseling, because thoughts like those progress to more. . . rambunctious behaviors. But not jail! That is overboard. The counselor just should have took a more mature action, like talking to her and stopping the thoughts from ocurring (and of course taking her away from the TV!). As for the bullies. . . the school should have taken a serious action against the bullying problem too
    . It all ended to a bad result: The bullied girl is furious, the bullies are probably emotionally suffering, and the schools name is scarred.